Friday, February 13, 2009

Panoramic series Take 27

Pano 27

Alas, I come to a temporary end to my Panoramic fractal series. These most recent uploads represent the published panoramic works I completed over my "winter break" which I'm sad to say is nearing it's end. I head back out on the road in 3 weeks to destinations both near, very little near I'm afraid :-( and far and it's time to get a printin' and framin'.

I'm looking forward to visiting art festivals in states that I've never been to before (ie, Texas for the Bayou show in Houston) and I'm really looking forward to bring back detailed reports on the shows to you.


Anonymous said...

you better get to work pushin' buttons while the rest of us are grinding,drilling,buffing,cutting and whatever else it is we do in the hot arizona sun,and make extra because we are taking bets you are going to sell out in texas!

Dennis Brady said...

So true. My finger is awfully tired from pushing my printer's button way too many times. At this rate, I can't say whether I can keep up this torrid pace, but I'll try:-)