Sunday, February 1, 2009

Panoramic series Take 17

Pano 17

I was at an art festival last year and was set up next to a very interesting photographer that specialized in panoramic prints. The unique thing about his works were that 90% of them were vertical. After talking with him about why he chose this format over the more common horizontal panoramas, his answer really made sense. He told me his secret in why he sold so well was that his vertical panoramas fit in more people homes where the more common wide format ones wouldn't. After thinking more about what he said, it made total sense.

If you admire panoramic art, be it photography, painting, fractals or some other type of art, you may not have enough room in your home to hang a really wide piece. If you collect art at all, wall space is a premium. But if you think about it, nearly everyone has a narrow unused space where a vertical piece could hang. Between doors, that narrow space in on the hallway wall, or between already existing art pieces. Brilliant!!

Sometimes the most obvious is clouded by old habits.

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