Thursday, July 30, 2009

Utah Arts Festival 2009

Salt Lake City is an amazing city to different people for very different reasons. It is a Mecca for members of the LDS church with the head quarters right there downtown. I love the urban setting that backs up to one of the coolest mountain ranges in the lower 48 states. It also helps that my kids and grand kids live close to there also. I never need an excuse to drop in on them for a visit but when I can combine seeing them during the same time one of my favorite art festivals is going on, that combination can't be beat.

I've done this festival before but have always had something to complain about, namely the extreme weather and the long show hours. The money is always good there for me but having to deal with the brutal heat, high winds and mountain thunder storms seem to have tempered my enthusiasm for the event.

This year things were different. My booth location was under a canopy of glorious trees and was north facing. I didn't have direct sun hit my booth AT ALL. I was on the grass instead of the pavement. The meandering path I was situated on was almost at the crossroads to the whole show plus it was narrow enough to force everyone to slow down and "take a look see" into my booth and at my art.

As I stated before the hours are long, very long in fact. We set up of Wed. afternoon and the show goes from Thursday through Sunday starting at noon and lasting until 11:00 PM all four days. The fact that I was so busy the entire time selling art I hardly noticed how long the show actually was. That is until I crashed after the show ended each day.

We did get a storm (pretty sever in fact) come through Friday evening and 2 unfortunate artists lost their booths due to high winds but because of my location I hardly felt it. The rain put a damper of those who were walking around but after an hour or so of the storm, it passed and folks came back out. That is a true testament to how well the community supports this show.

The crowd and artist alike were treated to world-class music all four days and nights. The artist amenities were fantastic, the promoter as well as the staff was the best I've dealt with in years, and I hope they bring these wonderful volunteers back again next year.

The folks in Salt Lake City love my fractal art and I truly hope to return next year. I don't divulge what my total sales are here on my blog but I will tell you I had my largest show EVER. I love Utah Arts Festival.

Cool fractal CG movie from 1980

Vol Libre from Loren Carpenter on Vimeo.

Link and back story can be found here

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a trip

Earlier this week, I returned home from an epic road trip that took me from Seattle, then Salt Lake City and lastly Whitefish, MT. the gateway to Glacier National Park.

My first stop in Seattle was for the famous Solstice celebration Fremont district street fair. Not only do thousands of Seattlites come out to support this festival, (actually over 100,000) many of them do it NAKED. Each year the festival puts on a parade and asks the participants to dress in a earth friendly theme, so many riders just paint leaves, flowers or other cool patterns on their skin and call it good. This year's weather was spectacular allowing the state of under dress to happen without fear of freezing to death. I'm sure a little bit of adult beverages also helped calm the nerves and bolster the courage of these hardy souls.

Sales for my fractals are always great in Seattle and this festival was certainly no exception. Fremont District, I'll see you again next year, some of you more than others :-)

After breaking down Sunday night I traveled a hundred miles east over the I 90 pass to the town of Cle Elum where I spent the night and took off Monday morning for Utah.

Artists Make Money By Forgoing Traditional Galleries

A path not always taken by artists trying to make a living by selling their art but worth a listen anyway.

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