Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This blew me away

The life of an artist is always interesting. I dare say never boring. Trying to be as creative as possible while at the same time producing art that people will buy in order to allow you to support yourself and family can be difficult.

Awards given away at shows for things like "Best of Category" or even better yet "Best of Show" are great but I wouldn't know, I've NEVER received one. I've done over 200 shows, maybe even getting closer to 300 and in all this time, zero, nada, the big goose egg. I've never won. It used to bother me because I feel my work is worthy of this praise. But as years have passed I without these honers bestowed on me I become rather complacent and usually not even giving it a thought.

That is until yesterday when I received this e-mail from The Festival of the Arts in Tempe AZ.

Hello, Dennis. After reviewing thousands of images that artists have submitted to the Tempe Festivals of the Arts, we’ve selected one artist whose work we believe embodies the spirit of the Festival and whom we want to invite to become our official 2010 Fall Tempe Festival of the Arts “Featured Artist.” You are that artist, and we sincerely hope that you will agree to join us in this honor.

There's more to the e-mail but you get the picture. This news completely took me by surprise and blew me away. Featured artist, no way. I've done this show for many years and it's always a top producing venue for me. I always walk by and check out the featured artist's work and maybe deep down inside, wish it was me and NOW IT IS.

I'm deeply humbled by this honor, thank you Kate Hastings.

Think you've been busy huh?

I've been super busy lately. What's new huh?

The coming of winter in North Idaho means doing things like getting all of my hay in for the year to feed our horses. Because we heat our home and yurt studio exclusively with wood stoves, firewood is also a top priority. I cut and stack about 12 cords each year and usually have 1 or 2 left over the next spring but I'd rather be in that position than freezing in a late April snow storm.

The last shows I've participated in were, Swiss Days in Midway, Utah and even though we had a few rain showers I had an on par with previous years sales show and Art in the Park in Boise, ID. The weather was great, folks turned out and I beat my all time sales for this 3 day show.

Up next is my annual trip to Salmon Days in Issaquah, WA this coming weekend. The show is always held on the first weekend of October during the salmon's return to Issaquah Creek to complete their life cycle by spawning in the same waters they were born in. Crazy big and always entertaining show where even if it rains (it ALWAYS does) people come out to support it. Not what I would call a fine arts venue but does tend to have something for everyone.

My booth is located on the corner of Front and Sunset (#400) right in front of the library. If you're in the area, stop by and say hi.

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