Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A reunion of old friends

Last weekend the 35th annual Moscow Ren Fair was held in East City Park under less than desirable conditions but none the less, didn't dampen the spirit of this venerable event. Because North Idaho can present every weather conditions imaginable this time of year, artists and fair goers alike have to be prepared for anything. For the past 2 years this art festival was blessed with beautiful, sunny skies and warm weather, so if you happened to only attend on either of those years you might have expected more of the same, but sunny weather is more of an anomaly here at this time of year.

What is normal for this event is usually cold and rainy conditions. It isn't uncommon to even have to put up with a snow flurry or two during the weekend.

The show opened under bright blue skies but by afternoon a slight drizzle started to dampen the park but not the attitude of those attending. As usual, the music for this year's fair was superb as well as eclectic. The tunes lightened everyone's mood and kept most attendees still in the park even through the rain. Although I heard some artists complaining about the lack of buying energy (most likely because of the rain) it wasn't the case with me.

My booth is set up close to the music stage which draws and keeps people closely exposed to my art at all times. My sales were as strong as ever even through the rainy weather.

Even though I've become used to doing much larger venues where hundreds of thousands of people walk past my booth on a given weekend, I think I'll always make room in my schedule for the Ren Fair. It's like a reunion of old friends, it feels good.

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