Monday, March 9, 2009

Show report- Custer's in Spokane, WA 2009

Well, it's over. It's in the books. My first show for the 2009 season is done. A glowing success I might add. It never fails, even after doing shows for nearly a decade full time, I still tend to get a tad nervous before a show, especially the first one of the season. I think this year's nerves were brought on more from the "doom & gloomers" spouting the end of the financial world as we know it had more to do with my uneasiness than if my booth looked right.

If normal people would just turn off the talking heads on CNN and stop reading the "pull your money out of the banks and stick it in a can buried in your back yard" BS we would all be a lot better off.

Let me be the first one to say this. ARTISTS, don't worry about the financial meltdown. Worry about how to make your art better and how to market it more efficiently than you ever did before. Sit in the back of your booth reading a book and waiting for someone to come in and hand you a pile of money for your art and you deserve to fail. Get out there and engage your customers. Tell them a story about yourself and your art. Explain how you made it and what inspired you. People but you and your story equally as much as they buy your art. Sit back and chill and you'll fail in this market. Step up and engage and you'll prosper.

Art buyers are still out there if your art is worth buying.

Usual crowd, lower end craft buyers mostly but those looking for something different in the way of 2D art found me.

Here are a few photos of my new print display system I'm using. Setting myself apart from the typical 2D artists was my goal this year. (if being maybe the only fractal artist on the circuit isn't enough to be different) I didn't want to use my old plastic bins any longer but I didn't want the cookie cutter look of Pro Panels print bins either. I've tried rolling bins before but can't fit enough of them in my cargo trailer. So I used copper and mahogany wood displays that I made over my winter break. I received many complements on how nice the booth looked.

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Jan Moulder said...

Great article! My sentiments exactly!