Saturday, November 15, 2008

Panoramic series Take 2

As a digital artist that has made his entire income from creating and selling fractal prints for years, I sometimes find myself concentrating on the business side of my art career more than the creative side. That easy easy to do when you travel too and sell at nearly 30 art festivals a year. Combine that with keeping both a website which contains an online store as well as this blog and numerous online web galleries current and you can see that unfortunately, creating art often takes a back seat.

That trend took a turn last weekend while I was at a show in Pasco Washington. It was a 3 day affair, set up in an indoor area. Long hours and periods of time when the customer count was slow allowed me to finalize some new pieces I've been working sporadically on for some time. I'll be posting these panoramic designs over the next few days.

Pano 2

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