Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fremont Fair

What a trip!!!

I’ve heard about the infamous Fremont Street Fair held in Seattle on the 3rd weekend of June for years, but I was always too caught up with attending another Seattle Venue that same weekend to even give Fremont a fair look. This year I gave it more than a look, I jumped in head first and forever more will be a supporter of this festival.

If you are looking for an up tight museum quality art festival don’t think Fremont. But if you are willing to experiment with a new venue and are not intimidated by massive crowds, many of which just finished participating the world famous NAKED BIKE PARADE, you have to check out this fair. How many festivals do you know of that actively encourage you to get naked, paint and decorate your body to coincide with that years theme and then ride your bike down the main street in your birthday suit? Very cool and very Seattle.

Sales wise I did way better than expected. From previous posts, you know my feelings on mixing artists with the buy/sell crowd selling imported items they bought instead of making themselves, so beware. This show is full of them. But somehow it works in Fremont.

Overall quality of art- C-
Sales- B
Uniqueness- A+++

Fremont Fair

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