Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My bad

I discovered a very important blogging lesson over the past few weeks. Trying to keep an accurate, up-to-date blog record of my art show doings while at the shows is near impossible. As I stated earlier, I travel and do all of the festivals I attend solo. So, finding time to blog at the event just doesn’t work for me.

During the last two shows nearly 600,000 people attended them both and it would be a fair guess (based on the great placement of my booth in these shows) that 90% of the fair patrons passed by my booth. Now, not all or for that matter not even 10% walked into my booth to view my art but still, a substantial number did show interest in my fractals which kept a constant stream of visitors coming through every minute of each of the 6 days I was at the shows.

That said, casually writing a blog post during the show is impossible. I did try to creatively write up-dates after show hours but after putting in 12-14 hour days I wasn’t able to find the juice to spend another hour or so on the blog. That’s my lesson, blogging at the shows aren’t going to happen, so the best I (and you, the reader) can hope for is a timely update once I return home which I did the day before yesterday.

Tomorrow I’ll report on one of my favorite shows in the circuit, the Tempe Festival of the arts. (Sneak preview, FANTASTIC)

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