Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Starting Out in 2008

My winter break never seems long enough. I normally end my show circuit season almost 1800 miles from home, which gives me 3 long days of drive time to examine how the year turned out. Not that I don't already have a good idea of how successful the season was, but this solo drive gives ample time for contemplation.

Once home, Christmas is right around the corner. My daughter is home from college and we are busy making plans for our other 3 son’s trip back to the snowy climate of North Idaho. That always presents a problem because they live in 3 different states along with their wives and our grand kids and the nearest one is 1000 miles away.

With the logistics of that over, I settle down for the next few weeks and try not to think about art, festivals, driving or anything else related to my life on the road as a traveling artist. Well, those few weeks are past and I am “back in the game” full throttle I’m in the studio creating new works, answering e-mail from prospective clients, handling orders for my wholesale accounts and applying to this year’s batch of festivals.

I swear I was just finishing my 2007 season just a few short weeks ago and here I am, back on the merry go round again…and loving every minute of it.

I’d like to finish this post by wishing my wife a happy anniversary. It’s been a wonderful 20 years.

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